London's Leading Day Party.

Upper Vibe is one of the fastest growing and most exciting soulful house day parties on the UK scene today.

Started back in 2018 by two North London lads, we’ve grown year-on-year from small-venue gigs in Hertfordshire and Essex right up to London’s most iconic rooftop parties.

These days, our roster contains a heady mix of veteran experience and young new talent, with DJs and producers that provide their own twists on the soulful house genre to keep things fresh, interesting and always on the move.

We’re big on personality, good times and top-quality soulful house music, bringing our infectious energy and unique vibe to diverse crowds that can’t get enough of our unforgettable sets.

Upcoming Events.

There are no upcoming events announced, keep up to date with all announcements via our social media platforms.

Back Of Beyond Festival

The Upper Vibe Stage